It was early July when I accidentally viewed Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Suk Kyung on WFKBJ to be aired on a TV station. I’ve already heard about the series but I’m not interested to it bearing the idea that I hate Korean Dramas. When my classmates suggested me to just try the first episode, I did it, and I was really amazed like “Whoaaah😂” about the story and of course, the acting of the two. From then on, I continued to watched it til the end. Convinced by their chemistry on the drama, I was triggered to know about their personal lives and found out that they were really real-life partners known as the “Swag Couple.”I became a follower of the tandem and I feel bad that this late August, YG Entertainment confirmed that they broke up😥. Though they part ways, the couple who gave birth to my Korean fantasies, will forever be in my heart.


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