Taylor Swift: From Heartbreak to Art

       At sometime, I sat down in front of the TV watching “MYX” and I was strucked with the fascinating beauty, enchanting voice and heart-warming songs of the most influential pop star royalty of this era herself, TAYLOR SWIFT. Dressed up in a classic gown singing the line “…Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone, I’ll be waiting all there’s left to do is run…,” I was triggered to know about her more asking questions like “Does she have any songs other than Love Story?,” and “How old is she?.” I know that I’d already loved everything about her and from that day on, I became one her million followers – I became a Swiftie.

       What I loved most about TS is that she writes her own songs and she could even accompany it with instruments – showing her versatility.The lyrics are so good. They are so relatable and quotable, some songs even tells a story. When she write her songs, she’d make sure that it has always a message up to its fullest sense. As for every Swiftie, she’s always been a sweetheart. She interacts with her fans, replies to them, and also donates to charity. She sort of dissed Nicki Minaj in a polite way, and made songs for her enemies too (Bad Blood for Katy Perry, then Better than Revenge for Ashley Green? Those were just theories) which for me is a very creative way of handling anger. She has been famous for so long but there was never an issue about her being caught too drunk, harrassing a paparazzi, or taking drugs. She may have been kissing guys but I think she’s doing it right, she’s doing everything right.

       She’s just like many of us. She was just a girl from Nashville who dreamed, but got rejected many times. She has been broken, lied to, cheated on, replaced and then taken for granted. She has been bullied and looked down to a couple of times. I know that by the success she has right now, she’ll forever be an inspiration to many of us.

         Taylor Swift turned her heartbreak into an art that helped us get over a bad break up. I remember playing her songs and just staring at the ceiling, digesting the lyrics.So Taylor Swift, you may change or stay the way you are, I will just be one of the billions of people who will continuously and happily watch you shine! 



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