Artistry takes me to 5°N, 125°E

       Drawing…it was quite interesting, crafty and everybody considers it as one of the most artistic skills our hands could do. Anyone can draw but not everyone can turn head while illustrating the picture kept hidden in mind. Modesty aside, I am blessed and grateful to possess such talent.

      Some find it boring, head-cracking, effort-consuming and depressing thing to do. But this once-annoying task as others would define, has brought me so much joy, pride and satisfaction as it takes me to one of the best adventures of my life.

    My pen hopped off first to the sacred caves of MAITUM. The anthropomorphic municipality was a good place to start for it reveals the pre-historic origins of the province. My journey has never been complete until I rode on to a 1.6-kilometer white water tubing, visited the Pawikan Conservation and Nesting Sanctuary and let bangsi fill my tummy most especially when thousands of these flying fishes are laid along the streets – during Bangsi Festival.

Maitum Doodle Art by John Mark Polistico

           Just few kilometres east, the bio diversified place welcomed me to its stunning beauty, KIAMBA. It was really rich in natural resources as Tuka Marine Park and Nalus Falls would justify it. Its nobility on reserves was also manifested through its vast ricefields and on aqua-culture, being the top income earners. At constant speed on same direction, I reached MAASIM in less than half an hour. Its glimmering coastline allured me a lot and so with the paragliders who look like eagles, soaring high above mountains and seas.

       The pen did not went straight, escalated a bit higher due northeast, passed over General Santos City and cleared  the highways for MALUNGON – the only landlocked town of Sarangani. It is indeed the home of famous Kalonbarak Skyline, S’lang Festival and local species of wild lives.

Malungon Doodle Art by John Mark Polistico

         The stroke then finally shifted to south. I headed on to the very tip of Mindanao. Unlike the idea of asymptotes, I did approach and reached the nostalgic municipality of GLAN. It’s prestigious and glowing white sands quenched my beach-craving eyes. Ancestral houses which were built centuries ago were still standing firm together with their golden and luminous Municipal Hall.

Glan Doodle Art by John Mark Polistico

        Taking the U-Turn, I went up to north again. “Talus Kanu,” greeted the three tribes known to be the Lumads, Moslems and Christians of MALAPATAN. Covering an area of 609.28 square kilometres, the economy of the town is largely based on copra as tall and stiff coconut trees rose upon hectares of agricultural lands. It’s always good to see that my mother’s home town and my brother’s birthplace is still growing and leaning to its maximum potential.

Malapatan Doodle Art by John Mark Polistico

         Just as when the 20-minute ride has ended, there lies my hometown, the capital, where you can find bliss, ALABEL. Its exotic beauty really reigns throughout the land stretching from the glimmering shorelines of Kawas and Ladol to as high as the peaks of Datal Anggas and Paraiso. Like its neighbouring towns, it highly depends on agricultural products, husbandry and aquaculture. The recently ended Kasadyaan Festival was the festive testimony for the 16 years of bountiful harvest and 45 years of affiliation and compassion.

Alabel Doodle Art by John Mark Polistico

      After a very long escapade, I took a rest and napped for a while. Thereafter, I was awakened – awakened from the deep sleep I thought it was true but it’s only just a dream soon to be achieved, a goal I know that is not too late to take on through someday.

        My Sarangani adventure was just a fantasy after all. Honestly, I’ve never been to places and spots I just wrote other than Alabel. It’s just my love and passion to drawing that toured me around the province by simply picturing out the abstract concepts and ideas I had just see in pictures, learned, talked at, taught with or even overheard. For the exciting experience yet to be unfold, thanks to my talent that lets me capture picture-perfect views in mind and bring them out to life through my hands. Yes, it’s just all about drawing…which some see annoying but as for me, it satisfies, it takes me to places. To sum it up, Artistry takes me to five degrees north and hundred twenty five degrees east – it takes me to Sarangani.

A contest piece for SULAT SOX.


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