A Million Thanks To You!

      It is my duty that has called me here today to welcome you to the exercises in honor of the 50 prestigious years dedicated to the cause of education. Everyone present here must rejoice at the excellence of this beautiful institution that will mean so much in shaping the minds and careers of ours.

       It is a great privilege and satisfaction to me to view this magnificent structure from within and without, and I know that each and every one here must also experience that feeling of pride and satisfaction that follows a work “well done.” It is not what you and I may be able to accomplish for ourselves in this world that counts, but what we leave behind us, to assist us who will take our places in the path of life, to enable us to walk that path with higher heads and ideals because of the foundations we have laid for them.

       Some five decades ago, our great community of today, was what might be called a wilderness. But now, we’re now here standing in this urban town because of this schools’ main mission and vision: to equip each individual with wit and moral through innovation.

      To the pioneers and mentors who stood steadfast to their tasks and are here today to enjoy the dedication of this great monument of education and to fulfill their hearts’ desires, I thank you. My beloved scholars and products of this high school, this effort is truly dedicated to all of you being the core beneficiary of continuous public teaching services.

       Once again, Thank You.

       To Alabel National High School who witnessed my and your ups and downfalls, A Million Thanks To You.


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